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Spring Breaker Or Bust 2020!

Spring Breaker Or Bust 2020!

Spring Break season is fast approaching, my loves! We here at Pink N Blue Avenue are here to make your life (and trip!) soooo much easier! At our shop, we carry a variety of swimwear in all sizes, as well as sunhats, goggles, towels, sunglasses (even in itty bitty sizes!)-basically anything you could need for your trip to the beach or pool. We also pride ourselves on having an amazing selection of sandals from Saltwater Sandals and Footmates! Also in stock are cute puddle jump covers by Charming Mary, because, let's be honest...Some of the prints puddle jumpers come in aren't all that cute. 

Besides ALL that cuteness, we also stock a HUGE variety of that amazing, all purpose bag, the Bogg Bag! We have so many colors in stock, in both the large and small sizes. We also carry the cooler insert bags, great for keeping your snacks and drinks cool on those hot days! They fit right inside your Bogg. Heck, they were MADE for it! Nasty wet swimsuits are a thing of the past as well, as we have the super cool printed insert bags. They come in sets of two, and the larger size is perfect for taking home those sandy, wet suits, while the smaller one is great for keeping your phones and other valuables safe from the sand and surf! Bogg is even coming out with a wine tote! So keep an eye out-those are going to be super nifty! Stop in, or stock up online, because truly, it will save you so much time and hassle. And we moms know a thing or two about saving time and effort when it comes to busy beach days, right?!

Jordan Wilderman
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Every-time we open a Beaufort Bonnet Company shipment, it seems to feel a-lot like Christmas, the most precious thing since the last collection. This one, for us, marks classic boy styles that give all our boy moms, something to look forward too. My personal favorite the Shelton Shorts are just what you need from church to play. We've also chosen two more of the Polly Play Dress styles, in the X and O print, and Broad Street Stripe. The Shelby Seashell Set seemed just perfect with us, with its bow back details, and special seashell pockets, take a peek. 
Ellie's Eyelet Top
Prim & Proper Polo Pima Cotton 

Shelton Shorts Blue Grand Gasparilla Gingham

Carter Crewneck With Pocket 
Worth Avenue White and Buckhead Blue Stork

Polly Play Dress Broad Street Stripe

Polly Play Dress X's & O's

Shelton Shorts Breakers Blue Seersucker

Shelton Shorts Keeneland Khaki Seersucker with Worth Ave. White

Rodeo Drive Ruffle Swimsuit Broad Street Stripe with Sunrise Blvd Blue


Turtle Bay Swim Trunks Broad Street Stripe with Barbados Blue

Shelby's Seashore Set
Worth Avenue White with Lauderdale Lavender & Seashell Appliques

Short Sleeve Banbury Bubble Buckhead Blue with Worth Avenue White Smocking

Chelsea Morgan
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The Beaufort Bonnet Company Spring 2020 -- Shipment One

Sporty Chic in the most perfect way possible. The functional comfy styles are just perfect for escorting dad to the golf course, or tennis lessons.  
Take a peak below at all the goodness, and as always email us at to order.
This might be the sweetest swim collection I've ever seen, the vibrant colors are perfectly complimentary of one another. This year they've added sun protection. 
Leisure and Functionality were a theme for ordering this year with us, we wanted styles that were not only fashionable, but functional as well. SURPRISE! For the first time ever you don't have to miss out on the functionality to have well-dressed babies. 
Okay, maybe PJs at the pool aren't the most functional, but this print is absolutely precious for bed time. 
Chelsea Morgan
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What It Means To Be A Small Business, TO US.

Dear DEAREST Supporter,

      I'll be honest, I sat down to do the social media and email content for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday - I searched Pinterest for the most fitting quote I could find - about small business. The cliche 'when you support a small business, you support a dream' appeared over and over, and whilst it is true, it is not a good enough depiction. So I decided to tell my own definition of Small Business.

       With a small business there is no corporate office - making emails, doing visual floor plans, buying for next season with an endless budget, and a million dollar insurance backing. Furthermore, there is no computer system that suddenly imports its contents into your system, priced and ready to sell online. There is no person you've never met putting a curated representation of your business onto social media, or managing your website to accurately represent your current inventory, in an organized way. It isn't a team of fifteen graphic designers and marketing professionals putting emails together, either.

        A small business is however, a corporate office, that often has our own children running around it, growing with our dreams. A momma bringing her child with her, because we were covering for a 'staff' that feels a whole lot more like family. A group chat, that literally never quits. We grow together, professionally and personally, and I mean, we could all write a book on each other, and the inside jokes we share.

      All of this to say, these relationships, this business, and the dreams we have, wouldn't be possible without you, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

xoxo, PNB


AMEN, to all the crazy things that happened, to make me who I am, I say AMEN.

Chelsea Morgan
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