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     One of our main missions at Pink N Blue Avenue is to provide toys, clothing, and products with a purpose.

      So often we stroll down the aisles of chain stores and let our little ones pick out their newest treasure, without pondering if it A) is beneficial to their development, or B) is going to provide a challenging enough or stimulating enough to hold hold their interest after we buy it, and they take it home. 

Heres a few of our favorite things when it comes to entertaining these little Einsteins of ours:

Rubbabu Magnetic Alphabet Letters ($60.00):
Rubbabu toys are classic toys that kids never grow bored of. Soft, safe and fun, these toys are designed for may years of play and learning. The soft tactile material makes them a wonderful development aid for children of all ages including children with special needs. The main component of Rubbabu toys is natural rubber foam. This makes up 97% of the toy. Natural rubber has many wonderful properties. It's anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and mildew resistant. There are no fillers or chemicals added to the pure rubber from the tree. STEM approved, and perfect to grow with your little one, from color and letter identification to spelling; this alphabet set will carry them through years of play, on the fridge.

Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, 2010, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Special Needs Adaptable Product Award, 2010 and the Parent's Choice Foundation Recommended Award, 2010


The Hix ($19.99)

Wait! Till you see these guys in action! MOLUK Hix is a versatile construction toy consistening of four convertible cones made of silicone rubber, so they naturally harbor less bacteria. Contrary to a traditional block, each cone transform into four basic shapes which can stacked and nested into different configurations. It develops visual-spacial ability, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Also, they don't hurt when you step on them, or sound like a wall coming down when they fall over. 

The Dimpl ($12.95) 

Put this toy into the hands of a little one and watch their eyes light up. Push the brightly-colored pillows of silicone in and out. Over and over again as they build fine and gross motor skills. This tactile, sensory-developing toy will entertain for hours on end. 

Kid-O MyLand Horse ($19.99)

Children discover the comforting sounds of a gentle horse ride in the countryside while being introduced to early STEM concepts. Soothing horse sounds and singing birds are triggered by different play patterns. Children discover that the character is the on/off switch, while the horse movements control the sounds.

Pop & Slide Shelly ($12.95)

Okay, this one even keeps me busy! The turtles shell has seven hexagons in four soothing colors, with three buttons underneath in coordinating colors. The little ones use their fingers to push them and slide them from slot to slot! Think of it like a children's Rubik's cube. 

Glo Pals ($10.00)

These are a crowd favorite at my house! They come in the primary colors, and are the PERFECT bath time cause and affect toy. Without water they are a four-pack of characterized cubes, benefitting a children's hospital, but the second you submerge into water, they light up! Thats right, a light-up bath toy. Say no more. 

Free Wheelin' Rider Sport Convertible Balance Bike ($59.99)

A stylish pushbike that changes and grows along with your child! Start it off as a 3-wheel push bike for younger children. As they get older, it easily converts into a 2-wheel balance bike to teach more advanced riders the skills they need for all future cycling! The height is also adjustable as little ones grow bigger!  The restricted range of the handlebar radius helps prevent children from crashing, and the handlebar grips protect children hands from smashing. 

MyKeys ($9.99)

One time, my keys were hidden by a two-year old. I searched for them for three hours, and then I decided to inconveniently go replace every key I had. Two months later, I found them in the bottom of her running water sink toy. Don't be me. MyKeys has a 'What do animals say?' clicker! When the little presses the coordinating animal it will say something like 'My pink piggy says oink oink'! Thats not even the best part? The keys double as a teether too! This toy covers ages 6M+ to 4! 

Speks ($24.95)

These are the perfect toy for anyone, if Im honest, old enough to know not to swallow them, to 70+. They are moldable, stringable, everythingable. The best stress-relief desk toy around, you just thought you loved the fidget spinner. They even come with a little travel-case. 


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