A Tribute To Pink N Blue Avenue's Past


Three years ago, The Fabulous Torture blog did a piece on us, there is something so nostalgic, about looking back on how we've grown, changed, and stayed the same. Some of the brands from this piece, have changed quite a bit, but the core values that made us Pink N Blue Avenue, have stayed the same. Working in an industry like this, is incredibly rewarding, and I've made quite a few friends under four feet tall, lol. GiGi being one of them, scroll to the bottom to see Gigi, and how she's grown. 


        "The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mother and daughter. They can go from laughing to fighting in a split second, but one thing always remains constant..their unconditional love for one another. Imagine taking this crazy relationship into the business one day, and this is why Gulia started her family business, a children’s boutique called "Pink N Blue Avenue". Pink N Blue Avenue is a destination store for parents who want to go beyond the internet to see and touch merchandise. They provide uniquely precious pieces that are hard to find. Pink N Blue Avenue carries many amazing designers at an affordable price... just to name a few JoyFolie, Mustard Pie, Mayoral, Pixie&Girl, B&B, Pernickety, Jellycat and Sun San Salt Water.

       Working with your child is rewarding on so many levels. Not only do you have a front-row seat to their growth, but also have their companionship and share their life to a degree that would make many mothers envious. Gulia is inspired by her precious daughter GG everyday, and is hoping that maybe one day GG will follow her footsteps in fashion, or maybe even take the store over.

      My son and I have the pleasure to team up with Pink N Blue Avenue and to do this special shoot. My son got to dress up in these amazing designers pieces - I absolutely love the dressy look from Mayoral. I thought my son looked so cute and all grown up in it. I also love the casual shark t-shirt from Lemon Loves Lime collection. This shirt has fun “fins” to the side of the shirt which I thought was so cute! We had so much fun during this shoot, the kids were amazing and fun to work with! Pink N Blue Avenue has a fun, little play area in their store, so if you shop with the kids the little corner will definitely keep them occupied….my son was!
       Gulia is a very sweet lady with a smile on her face and always willing to help you. Her daughter GG is just precious little girl! Both GG’s parents name starts with G (Mom-Gulia, Dad-Greg) and that’s way they named their daughter GG.
Anyway, if you are visiting or you live in Destin stop by Pink N Blue and say hi to Gulia and her daughter. They will welcome you and help you find exactly what you’re looking for from casual, spicy, beachy, edgy and kid sophisticated pieces to fun accessories and jewelry pieces. 
In my opinion Gulia’s boutique is the best children boutique around!
Visit Pink N Blue Avenue online-pinknblueavenue.net"
Cheers to women supporting women, now and three years ago, we cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

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