Ice cream and dots swimsuit

Ice cream and dots swimsuit

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Sal & Pimenta was launched in 2008 by Teresa, a true lover of the magic surrounding all the childhood universe. Since the beginning, Teresa has been committed in creating unique and unforgettable memories in all children wearing her pieces, associating them with a happy and carefree way of living.

The project evolved from an initial family brand to an international company, without losing its native focus and spirit. Although the online store remains an important distribution channel, it now also operates through hundreds of retailers around the World. 



The creative process and manufacturing keeps the quality and accuracy from day one: all products are handmade in 100% local ateliers and factories around the Lisbon area.



Teresa gathers inspiration in everything surrounding her, from her world traveling to the uniqueness of the everyday life, and reflects this originality in the famous Sal & Pimenta patterns, which are then executed together with a graphic team.



The approval of these patterns is then the ‘responsibility’ of her two daughters, Maria&Camila.



From the first idea to the final piece there’s a year and a half of searching and testing, with the passion that characterizes the brand. Swimsuits are the most wanted pieces; their originality has conquered the hearts of little ones and their parents all over the world.



The company is now extending to a Home sub-brand and a Woman line called "La mamma". The sal&pimenta universe is growing each passing year and the motivation to do more ,and better, everyday is the philosophy behind it all.