Lelli Kelly Silver Glitter Sandal - SALE

Lelli Kelly Silver Glitter Sandal - SALE

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Lelli Kelly shoes are among the best on the market, with the combination of unique design/fashion and good quality. They are antiperspirant, due to a patented technique which was perfected in their facilities using a Latex Foam material. Under a soft leather perforated insole of your Lelli Kelly shoes,there is a layer of Lelli Kelly LATEX FOAM or Dryz. The soft leather perforated insole wicks away respiration from the foot. These antibacterial agents in the layer of Lelli Kelly LATEX FOAM and in the Dryz attack odor-causing bacteria, by absorbing wetness and pulling it into a gel away from the foot. The wetness trapped in the gel escapes through holes in the sole throughout the day, and evaporates completely after the shoes are removed. Lelli Kelly’s patented LATEX FOAM inserted under the perforated leather insole, will keep your daughter’s feet dry, comfortable, and fresh in all-weather conditions.

Lelli Kelly has set up an innovative breathing system with holes on the two sides of the sole, which allows a healthy change of air, as the holes are not in contact with the ground but only with external air.

All Lelli Kelly shoes come with a free gift.