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About Proper Peony (interview with owners)

How did The Proper Peony really start?  It all started with a vintage dress we uncovered in a closet at our parent's house.  It was a darling, white dress our ever-stylish and shopper-extraordinaire grandmother "Queen" bought from Sak's Fifth Avenue in the early 70's. It had perfect pleats and darling red strawberries beautifully embroidered up the front. It's been a lot of work from that day, but seeing that dress was what made us realize we wanted more styles like that for our own children, and we didn't see them being done!

Where do you live now?
We both live in Dallas only a few streets from each other! We have seven girls between us, and the girls are constantly back and forth between houses. Our sweet husbands are really outnumbered, and to be honest, we feel a bit outnumbered ourselves too!

Are your pieces really hand-embroidered?
Each one is hand-embroidered in techniques that are getting harder and harder to find. We love looking at the embroidery detail, even on the underside. The hours of work these collections require are amazing! Our styles are limited in number because there are only so many hours in the day!

How do you describe your style?
We love both classic and modern! We strive to design styles that take the exquisite hand-work you see in vintage hand-embroidery, coupled with fresh colors and modern cuts.

Why the peony?
We grew up with pink peonies in our mother's garden. We even carried them in our weddings! We love that they are sophisticated and beautiful in a subtle way. Understated elegance is one of our mantras!

So, why do you use the word "Proper" in your name?

We love children dressing like “proper” children, in the sense of looking their age in sweet, classic clothes! We believe “proper” styles wear well, and they don’t sit in their mother’s laundry pile for months on end. We also want to accentuate the idea of proper living, for example ... letting guests go first, using thoughtful words, even enjoying the beauty of life and remembering that clothes are only as pretty as the smile on your face! 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! We could be driving down Knox in Dallas and see an element that catches our eye on a beautiful dress in a window, or looking at old tea towels in an antique store we found in Virginia. We are drawn to color and unique lines, but we love the classics, too!

What would you collect if you could?
We'd love to collect more china patterns! We never tire of looking at the hand-painted details and love being able to mix and match different plates and chargers! Because we live so close to each other, we are known to borrow plates and linens from each other when we need a few more pieces for a party! Oh, and we'll include beautiful monogrammed linens, too. A monogram always tells a story!

Anything else?
We love our work and all of the people we've met in this adventure! Thank you for helping to make it all come to life!

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